Spring/Summer 16 WOMENSWEAR




‘When Time Stands Still’



The Spring Summer 2016 collection captures the beauty of Morocco. The story of the collection follows an archetypal Éthologie woman; a highly cultured urban traveller with a strong sense of individuality.



The collection’s focus is on her journey from her native France back to her original home of Morocco to discover the world of her ancestors. The collection is immersed in the rich Moroccan culture, which is reflected in the ornate patterning, delicate embroidery and textured embellishments of the fabric of the clothes.



The pieces are made with meticulous precision and care. Hand twisted chiffon and hand embroidered french lace feature alongside Garvida’s trademark embellishment. The decadent patterns are inspired by Moroccan architecture, encapsulating the silhouettes of archways and the profiles of windows frames, to produce a collection that embodies the symbiotic quality of infusing the established heritage of the East.