Inspired by nature in an ever changing enviroment, Ethologie by Jasper Garvida SS15 is derived from the landscape of the desert safari, that constantly evolves in the sands of time.


The collection infuses natural fabrics using linens, cotton and leather.


Keeping the natural theme, this season's colour palette reflects the dusty landscape of the desert that seeps into the horizon using different shades of beige, brown, and India blue, accentuated with metallic undertones of gold and silver.


One of the key features of the collection is the patchwork fabric which is constructed using a traditional teachnique of mending and conserving cloth, resulting in a decorative textile that could be used for domestic purposes. In this instance, it is cleverly transformed into beautiful tailored coats and multifunctional daywear.


In collaboration with Philip Stein and Olympus PEN, 'Gradiva' by Jasper Garvida captures the ethos of the Ethologie woman; a health conscious & well-travelled individual, who advances in timeless fashion that reflects contemporary sophistication.